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Fairy Rosebud - Fan Mail

Thank you to all the Princess Birthday Girls and Party Guests who have written to me and Thank you for your Lovely Words and Wonderful Drawings. Your letter helps me to know what your favorite activities are, so I can always include them in my parties.
I hope you loved the letter that I wrote back to you.

Dear Princess Fairy Rosebud...

"I loved you coming to my party. I hope you come back. I love you and you are my very special wish." - Princess Ella 4 'Ella's words, written by mum. ☺'

'My name is Johanna and I saw you at my friends Alizay's 5th Birthday and loved your show and magic and getting my face painted. I would love to get a letter from you. I hope you like my colouring in.' Princess Johanna 4 and three quarters

'Thank you for coming to my sisters 4th Birthday Party. Ashley enjoyed it very much and so did I. Your tricks were amazing. I like the way you made more bunnies come out of Ashley's hand.' Princess Claudia 8

'I liked the magic show best.' PrinceJake 5

'I loved you at my party. Please can you come again. I love you. I love hearts. I love you dressing up. I love you dancing at my party' Princess Shayna 4

'I loved it when you came! You were so good at Magic Tricks.' Princess Keely 7

'I liked having my face painted. It was really fun.' Princess Sophia 3

'I loved playing games with you at Lucy's party. I loved the present from you. I love you' Princess Nikki 4

I miss you when you are in Fairyland. It was nice to meet you at Macayla's Party and I especially loved the magic show. You are very nice.' Princess Imola 4

'My favorite part was the story and running around the garden. It was fun having you around. I like your tricks' Princess Selena 5

'I really like the fairy magic show and the pirate gift bag' PrinceJamie 4

'The party was really cool. I want to know how you do that fairy magic. Sometime can you come to my house and show me. Magic is so exciting. ' Prince and Princess Micheala & Paea 7

'I like fairies. The magic tricks were cool' Princess Grace 4

'I loved you coming to Taila party at Lollipops. You were terrific doing all the tricks. Thank you so much for coming to Taila's party. If you weren't there we wouldn't of had as much fun as when you played games with us.' Princess Elise 6

'Thank you for coming to the Party. I loved the Magic Show.' Princess Molly 6

'Thank you for the great pirate theme at you fairy party...I wish I can do magic like you can.' Prince Jonathan 4

'I liked the party because you were there. Thank you for my flower balloon' Princess Lucy 6

'I wish you could come to my Birthday. I like you, are nice. I liked your bubble machine. Thank you for the facepainting.' Princess Natalie 6

'I enjoyed your story about the dragon' Prince Jayden 5

'I really like having you at Belle's party. You are really good at magic tricks. I really liked you cool pretty princess game.' Princess Holly 6

'I love you very much. You painted a lovely face for me. I hope to see you again.' Princess Hayley 4

'Thank you for coming to my party. We all had lots of fun.' Princess Keeley 4

'I enjoyed my party. I love Fairy Rosebud and playing the games. The horn was fun to make noise with. I had a fun day.' Princess Caitlin 4

'I hope you have a great time being a Fairy. You're the best fairy in Fairyland. ' Princess Esther 6

'Thank you for a special party. I loved the face painting.' Princess Victoria 4 and a half

'Fairy Rosebud you are pretty. I want a fairy party next time like Ella.' Lizzie 2

'I thought you were awesome. How do you become a fairy? I am a really good girl and I would like to be a fairy like you.' Princess Zoe 5

Thank you again for your Amazing Letters. I could only Fit In a Few exerts here but Remember that they are all in the Fairydale Fairyland Book.
Love from Princess Fairy Rosebud xox

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